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GPT-EW Enterprise is the virtual assistant transforming how your employees access information and follow company procedures, all within their browser.

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Transform the work experience with a virtual assistant designed for the corporate ecosystem. More than just a tool, GPT-EW Enterprise acts as a smart partner, adapting and responding dynamically to the needs of your teams on a global scale.

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Guaranteed Confidentiality

Your company deserves the highest level of security. Our on-premises solution ensures sensitive data never leaves the confines of your network, providing superior data protection while maintaining your corporate privacy intact.

Constant Support

GPT-EW Enterprise is always on, ready to facilitate workflow and bring concrete improvements to daily operations. With uninterrupted support, solutions are always within reach, whenever and wherever needed.

Boost Productivity

Every interaction becomes an opportunity for improvement: with immediate responses to requests and tasks right from the browser, GPT-EW Enterprise elevates business efficiency to new heights, unlocking every employee's potential.

Built-in Flexibility

Designed for the diverse needs of businesses, GPT-EW Enterprise fosters an agile and accessible work environment, turning every challenge into a growth opportunity. Adaptability is at the heart of our solution, ensuring flexibility and universal access.


Key Features

Discover how GPT-EW Enterprise can be the key to a profound and meaningful digital transformation, positioning you at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution in your industry.


Revolutionize your company's productivity with GPT-EW Enterprise, your private virtual colleague, fully hosted on-premises. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your company's digital ecosystem, GPT-EW is specifically trained on your corporate knowledge bases, ready to provide accurate answers and effectively support daily workflows.

What You'll Get
  • Autonomous and Integrated On-site Solution
    Take advantage of a complete artificial intelligence solution, including an advanced AI model and an intuitive administration console, all operating directly on your company's servers. This architecture ensures maximum data control and aligns perfectly with your data security policies, with an implementation that requires just a few clicks.

  • Simple and Effective Installation
    With the customizable browser extension, GPT-EW Enterprise elegantly adapts to your digital environment, supporting major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Its non-invasive distribution ensures a smooth transition, without the need to modify your existing web applications.

  • Customization and Continuous Learning
    Your virtual assistant GPT-EW becomes an extension of your team, with targeted training on your corporate knowledge base for precise and contextualized answers. Smooth integration allows for regular updates, keeping the system in step with your company's evolution.

  • Full Ownership of the Chatbot
    With GPT-EW, your company gains exclusive ownership of a tailor-made chatbot, elevating it to a strategic asset. This level of customization not only strengthens your digital infrastructure but also increases the overall value of the company, providing you with a distinctive competitive advantage in the market.

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