Your Intelligent AI Chat Assistant EveryWhere on the Web!

Intelligent Conversations

GPT-EW leverages advanced AI for concise, context-aware web interactions.

Contextual Understanding

GPT-EW interprets and responds to web content, offering tailored assistance and insights for an enhanced browsing experience.

Real-Time Assistance

Experience instant AI support on any webpage, providing you with immediate information and guidance as you navigate.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly blends with your web browser, adding a layer of smart interaction without disrupting your workflow.

How Does GPT-EW Work

Activate GPT-EW with a click to transform any webpage into an interactive AI interface, understanding and responding to the content you're viewing.

01. Signup

Begin by signing up for GPT-EW to access personalized AI features and settings tailored to your browsing needs.

02. Get the Extension

Easily add GPT-EW to your browser with a few clicks, integrating powerful AI directly into your web navigation experience.

03. Engage and Enjoy

Engage with GPT-EW on any webpage. Simply ask your questions or seek guidance, and get real-time, context-aware responses.

Watch GPT-EW in Action


Zero Sub Plan


Top-up as needed and pay only for the usage.
No hidden fees, total control.

Input: € 0,03 per 1000 words

Output: € 0,05 per 1000 words

Ready for Innovation?

Revolutionize your web browsing with GPT-EW.