Your Intelligent AI Chat Assistant EveryWhere on the Web!

Intelligent Conversations

GPT-EW leverages advanced AI for concise, context-aware web interactions.


GPT-EW interprets and responds to web content, offering tailored assistance and insights for an enhanced browsing experience.


Experience instant AI support on any webpage, providing you with immediate information and guidance as you navigate.


Effortlessly blends with your web browser, adding a layer of smart interaction without disrupting your workflow.

How Does GPT-EW Work

Activate GPT-EW with a click to transform any webpage into an interactive AI interface, understanding and responding to the content you're viewing.

01. Signup

Begin by signing up for GPT-EW to access personalized AI features and settings tailored to your browsing needs.

02. Get the Extension

Easily add GPT-EW to your browser with a few clicks, integrating powerful AI directly into your web navigation experience.

03. Engage and Enjoy

Engage with GPT-EW on any webpage. Simply ask your questions or seek guidance, and get real-time, context-aware responses.


Zero Sub Plan

Pay As-You-Go

Top-up as needed and pay only for the usage.
No hidden fees, total control.

Input: € 0,03 per 1000 words

Output: € 0,05 per 1000 words

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Revolutionize your web browsing with GPT-EW.

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